Iron Horse

My Lovely Horse Train Set

Current Translation Status

See which languages Iron Horse has been translated into, and how complete each translation is.

Translation Status Report

Get Started with Translating

1. Get a Language File

Language files can be edited in any text editor that supports unicode.

To start a new translation from scratch get the base language file, which contains strings for the English (British) language.

Get Base Language File

To update an existing translation, get an existing language file.

2. Translate Strings

Change or update the strings to appropriate translations for the language.

Detailed Guide to Translating

3. Post Language File for Inclusion in FISH

Post translated files into this TT-forums thread, or upload to the FISH issue tracker.

4. Have Cake

Someone on the FISH team will include your translation as soon as they have time.

Thanks :)

Iron Horse, with thanks to all who helped